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Joris Vanbriel. Vanessa Yuan. VYDC

VYDC, Vanbriel Yuan design company is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in September 2008.We combine technology with aesthetics that lead to innovative products for the world market.


The studio works in different fields. Product design, interior design, virtual productions, all of these require a different approach and gather a knowledge which is exchangeable.


At the start of our career we both worked at design companies in Milan, the city where we got immersed into design and style.


In order to realize personal ideas, Joris Vanbriel developed the Holocube, a holographic projection system in an attractive housing. The product can be considered as a pioneer in the industry and has been sold worldwide.


Vanessa Yuan obtained experience in the Italian fashion industry and realized several projects on global scale.


The studio is based in Antwerp, Belgium

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